The Solution

ZoneArt has a unique solution to the problem of locating users and objects in space-time. We have called this solution: Follow Spot.

Traditional Wi-Fi location solutions have relied upon the use of multiple access points, whose (typically omni-directional) radiation patterns overlap to cover the same physical space.  This is somewhat wasteful in product and installation costs as it is only required for geolocation (and not communication).  ZoneArt’s solution requires only a single access point to accurately locate users or objects, with accuracies measured in centimetres and not metres, essentially in real-time.  In other words a single ZoneArt access point can accurately locate in space-time.

Furthermore, ZoneArt’s solution does not require a user to download any apps or even sign-in to an access point (although both could be incorporated, into a solution).  Any user, with Wi-Fi enabled on their device, can be tracked, anonymously, providing useful analytics, such as routes taken through stores or malls, locations of queues and time spent queueing, etc.  Such data is invaluable to a system owner, as it can be used to price store locations in a mall, or to determine where in a store to place special offers or high-profit items.