Market Leading Wi-Fi

It so happens that when you design an access point to provide high-accuracy geolocation, this also results in market leading Wi-Fi performance, in terms of: range, capacity, user data-rates (in both download and upload), quality of service, interference mitigation etc. – essentially, everything that the Wi-Fi user community has been crying out for, for years.

ZoneArt’s Follow Spot technology treats users as individuals and targets coverage where it is needed, dynamically, for each and every user, for each and every byte of data they transmit or receive.  Follow Spot doesn’t waste precious signal energy sending it in directions where no users are located, at a given time, it only sends signal energy to users and receives signal energy from users and nowhere else.  This has the additional benefit of minimising interference and providing added security – energy is targeted within a building, for example, rather than leaking out in all directions.