Follow Spot Technology

Imagine an actress on a darkened stage.  A sharply-defined spotlight falls on the actress and follows her as she moves around the stage.  The other actors, together with the stage scenery, remain in an inky-blackness.  Now imagine that the stage is a shopping mall, an office, a stadium or a museum, with the actress being replaced by individual shoppers, office workers or visitors.  Follow Spot targets the available Wi-Fi signal energy in its entirety, at each individual user, exclusively, for their data packets, in much the same way that the stage spotlight targets all of the available energy, from it's spotlight bulb, at the actress. Our Follow Stop moves it's Wi-Fi energy around to follow each user, just as the spotlight does on the stage.

It is this individual targeting, of all of the available signal energy (and receive sensitivity), which results in an unparalleled user data-rate, an unparalleled quality of service and an unparalleled level of interference immunity.